12-week Membership

In 2021 Rugby Canada introduced a new membership category, which offers an opportunity for a Rugby Club to offer a non-contact program of rugby for up to 12 weeks.

Please click here to access a club setup guide for the 12-week program.

Examples of how this membership might be of use are:

    • Starting a minor rugby program
    • Introducing non-contact rugby program
    • Setting up a satellite club at another venue
    • Offering indoor rugby programs

Important details

    • Participants registered in a 12 week program may not participate in interclub activity including, but not limited to, festivals, exhibition matches and regular season games, the 12 week membership is tied to a single location.
    • Once the 12 week membership has expired, to continue to play rugby, participants may register in a new 12 week program or register as a full member at their club.
    • Fully registered members may participate in a 12 week program that is offered at the club they are currently registered in.
    • Should a registered member of one club wish to participate in a 12 week program at another club, they must register for the 12 week program at the new club.