In accordance with World Rugby Regulation 4, when moving to another country all players (both youth & adults) are required to obtain international clearance from their current Union in order to play rugby for a club in another country.

Each country has its own international clearance application form, which is tailored to their specific processing requirements.

To view the World Rugby Regulation 4 please CLICK HERE.


Q: Who is covered by the Regulation?

A: The Regulation relates only to players – it does not relate to coaches, referees, administrators or others.

Q: Does it only cover professional rugby?

A: No. The Regulation covers all levels of the game from professional players through to the grassroots, though additional restrictions may apply in respect of professional players (termed under the Regulation “Contract Players”).

Q: Can I play friendly matches without clearance?

A: No. Rugby Canada insists on Clearance if you want to play in competitions organized, recognized or sanctioned by Rugby Canada and/or its Provincial Unions. Other countries may operate a slightly different policy and if you are leaving Canada to play elsewhere you are advised to check with your new Club / Union.

Q: I’m only moving for a short period - do I still have to seek Clearance?

A: Yes. Unless you are a student or a member of the armed forces (where you may be able to Dual Register) you will need to seek Clearance if you are planning to play in any competitions organized by another country.

Q: My club is going on tour – do I need Clearance?

A: No. Clearance is not required for club tours but your club will need “Permission to Tour”.

Q: On what grounds can my clearance be refused?

  • You are to receive payment or benefits from playing the game in Canada and you do not have the required visa entry requirements.
  • You have contractual obligations with your current club which would prevent this (NB see WR Regulation 4.5.2 with regard to the required form of any player agreement); or
  • You are under a playing suspension imposed by another World Rugby member Union.
  • Outstanding financial payments owed to a Rugby Club, Provincial Union and/or Rugby Canada.

Q: What are the consequences if I play whilst not cleared to do so?

A: The circumstances may be investigated by Rugby Canada. A penalty may be applied to your club. Separately, Rugby Canada may decide to initiate misconduct proceedings against you and/or your club.

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