Come and Try Rugby Events are intended to provide an opportunity for Rugby Clubs to offer a session where kids, youths and/or adults can Come & Try non-contact rugby activities.  Come & Try Events do not require new participants to register through the National Registration System, for the Come & Try Event.

Prior to hosting a Come & Try Rugby Event, the Rugby Club should have the event sanctioned by Rugby Canada.  To apply for sanctioning please CLICK HERE and select ‘Come and Try Rugby’.

Each Rugby Club can access 1 FREE Come & Try Event per calendar year.  Any Come & Try Events that need to be sanctioned thereafter will cost $50.00.  To access a free Come & Try Event, the club will need a discount code before they go through the Sanctioning process.  To be provided with your discount code please email

Once you have finished hosting your Come & Try Event you will need to email a fully completed Roster to  Rugby Canada must receive a fully completed Roster Form, participants are at risk of having no insurance coverage if Rugby Canada does not receive a fully completed Roster Form.

Please download a Roster Form by clicking the link below:

Official Rugby Canada Roster Form (English)

Official Rugby Canada Roster Form (French)

Please do not

  • Apply for consecutive Come & Try Events, the Come & Try Event must be a standalone event
  • The Come & Try Event can not be a festival or tournament
Please do
  • Send a complete Roster Form to Rugby Canada with 48 hours of the event completion
  • Keep a record of attestations, please note that Come & try Events are not entered through the National Registration platform, so the online attestations can not be used

If you are looking for activities or resources to host a Come & Try Event, HSBC Rookie Rugby Powered by Honda resources can be found by visiting