Throughout the season a Rugby club may be asked to demonstrate proof of their insurance coverage to rent a facility or participate in an event.  A Certificate of Insurance is used by the insurance company to the party making the request.  This is usually a facility, municipality, school board or for a tour.  A Certificate of Insurance offers proof that the group using the facility is covered by a policy in the event of an injury or other accident.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form *New 2023* – English

Certificate of Insurance Request Form *New 2023* – French

Important! The only people who are covered by the National Insurance Program are those individuals registered as participants with their member Rugby Clubs (players, match officials, medical staff, named volunteers).  A facility or individual may be added to the policy as “Additional Insured” for a specified event, and that event only.

A Certificate of Insurance will only be valid for sanctioned events. Should an event/competition/tour take place which is not sanctioned, the National Insurance Program will not respond to a claim associated with a non-sanctioned activity.

Please note that Rugby Canada can only issue a Certificate of Insurance until April 30, Rugby Canada must renew the Commercial General Liability Policy for the following year, before certificates can be issued past April 30.  Renewal of the Commercial General Liability Policy is usually completed the week prior to April 30.