What is Sanctioning?

In administering and managing rugby as a sport, ‘sanctioning’ is an approvals process to ensure that activities related to rugby such as training, games, tournaments, and touring remain in compliance with ALL the regulations and by-laws of Rugby Canada, Provincial Union and World Rugby.

Insurance coverage may be extended to Member Organizations, subject to the insurer’s specific conditions, ONLY when a rugby scenario has been examined and is found to be fully in compliance with all the regulations and bye-laws of both World Rugby and Rugby Canada.

Sanctioning should be viewed as a quality control process to ensure activities such as training, games, tournaments, and touring remain compliant with all regulations and bye-laws. Whilst insurance is of itself a necessary step in compliance with World Rugby’s Regulation No. 23, it will only be offered when all other regulations and bye-laws have been complied with, and subject to any terms imposed by the insurer.

Any questions about sanctioning can be sent to sanctioning@rugby.ca.