National Insurance Program

Rugby is a sport that prides itself on the Teamwork, Discipline, Respect, and Sportsmanship developed through a committed dedication to our game. We play hard on the pitch, and we look after each other on, and off the pitch. Thankfully serious injuries are very rare within Canadian Rugby, and although we constantly monitor and evolve the laws of our game to protect our players, we accept there are risks of injury in the course of playing and training for Rugby.

World Rugby, our global governing body, through Regulation 23 requires that every member Union has effective player insurance in place. Rugby Canada’s National Insurance Program builds off this requirement to ensure effective coverage is in place to protect ALL our members, including players, coaches, match officials, managers, medical staff, and volunteers.

As with any insurance program, the terms of coverage are precise, so it’s important to make sure conditions, and exceptional situations that require additional approvals, are understood.

The Basics – Who is covered & When

Participants who are registered members with a member Rugby Club/Organization participating in sanctioned rugby activities, training and games, fall within the scope of Rugby Canada’s National Insurance Program under specific conditions.

  • A variety of membership categories exist for types of activities associated with our sport; players, coaches, match officials, managers, medical staff, and club directors.

Player Members

  • In the course of training or playing for a registered club in provincial leagues/competitions ONLY, coverage is in place in accordance with terms applicable to each province. Please contact your Provincial Union for information about sanctioned competitions, and to confirm if your activity is sanctioned.
  • Participating in other games, events, tournaments, inside and outside Canada, either as a team or as an individual player is subject to different conditions. Applications for approval must be submitted to Rugby Canada. There are a wide variety of scenarios that fall outside the standard National Insurance Program coverage, require additional approval, or are NOT COVERED. Players, team coaches, managers, officials, are strongly advised to ensure that adequate cover is in place before participating in such games, events, tournaments, both inside and outside Canada.
  • Members must have a Provincial Healthcare Plan to be covered under our Medical Policies (Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Out of Country Emergency Medical, Optional Medical Expense Benefit)

Non-Playing Members

Similar to Playing Members, Non-Playing Members are covered during the course of their activities on behalf of their club, province, or Rugby Canada. Examples of Non-Playing Members include Coaches, Match Officials, Managers, Medical Staff and Board Members.  All Non-Playing Members must be registered to benefit from the National Insurance Program.  For those not registered coverage is not in place.

The Policy

Rugby Canada’s coverage is not one singular policy, rather a number of different policies, underwritten by different insurers, that together offer the level of coverage designed to protect our members. Each underlying policy has its own scope, conditions, and exclusions.

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Out of Country Emergency Medical
  • Director’s & Officers Liability