It is the responsibility of the player and/or player’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to ensure that any travel is in full accordance with the provincial and federal governments’ travel advisory in place at the time of travel.  Clearance is NOT an exemption from the current provincial or federal government travel advisory.

For international players planning to play rugby in Canada.

In accordance with World Rugby Regulation 4, when moving to another country all players (both youth & adults) are required to obtain international clearance from their current Union in order to play rugby for a club in another Union.

To view the World Rugby Regulation 4 please click here.

It is recommended that players moving to Canada to play Rugby obtain a copy of their Unions international clearance from via their club or Union.  Players’ will need to complete and submit this form prior to their departure to Canada.

Rugby Canada can only accept approved clearances directly from the Union of the country you are leaving.  Once we receive an approved clearance from another Union, you will be notified by Rugby Canada.

  1. Complete as far as possible the International Clearance Form provided by your current national Union.  This is normally downloadable from their website.  If this is not available, your current Union may accept the standard clearance form attached as Appendix 1 to World Rugby Regulation 4.
  2. Forward the form to the individual responsible for administration at your current club.  Ask them to forward the Form to your current national Union, confirming that you are under no contractual obligation to the club.  We recommend that you ask to be copied in on this correspondence.
  3. Your current Union will then complete the process of clearing you out of their Union.  They will send a copy of the Form to Rugby Canada at
  4. Rugby Canada will review your clearance form and providing everything is in order, we will then clear you to play in Canada.  At this point, Rugby Canada will send a copy of the completed clearance form and a covering letter by email to the secretary of your Canadian Club and/or Provincial Union.
  5. The Club Secretary should provide you with a copy of the correspondence for your own records.

If you can not find the information you are looking for or need assistance with an international clearance, please contact