How do I transfer to a new club?

How to Video – Click Here

How to Document – Click Here

There are a few reasons to why you need to transfer your members to your new club instead of creating a new membership such as:

  • Being able to track a member’s participation history and disciplinary record.
  • Not paying the Rugby Canada membership fee twice. (This would only be applicable  if you are doing a transfer during an active membership)
  • Your information is not being duplicated in the Sportlomo system. 

Q: Once I request the transfer am I good to go?

A: No, the club you’re leaving, the club you’re going to, and all the provincial unions involved will have to approve it. Once that’s done the member has to log back into their Sportlomo account and complete the registration for the new club. Please see the how-to video and how-to document for more information. 

If you have further questions please click here for the contact at your Provincial Union for assistance.