Outbound Clearance

It is the responsibility of the player and/or player’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to ensure that any travel is in full accordance with the provincial and federal governments’ travel advisory in place at the time of travel.  Clearance is NOT an exemption from the current provincial or federal government travel advisory.

For Canadian players wishing to play rugby in another Union.

In accordance with World Rugby Regulation 4, when moving to another country all players (both youth & adults) are required to obtain international clearance from their current Union in order to play rugby for a club in another Union.

Each Union has its own international clearance application form, which is tailored to their specific processing requirements. Rugby Canada will request its own International Clearance Form to be completed.  The incorrect form being submitted will cause a delay in your processing times.

To view the World Rugby Regulation 4 please click here.

If you are currently registered as a Rugby player in Canada or have previously been registered and are planning to play in another country you will need to be cleared out of Canada and into your new Union.  In order to do this:

  1. Please fully complete the Rugby Canada International Clearance Form, see the link below.  You are responsible for ensuring that your current Rugby Club and Provincial Union sign the form.
  2. If you are eligible to play international matches for a Union other than Canada or the Union which you are going to, you are responsible for ensuring that Union signs the Clearance Form, ‘Other Union’, prior to submitting a fully completed form to Rugby Canada.
  3. Send your fully completed Rugby Canada International Player Clearance Form to clearances@rugby.ca.  You can do this yourself or ask your current Rugby Club or Provincial Union to do so (in which case we recommend that you ask to be copied in).
  4. If all is in order Rugby Canada will clear you out of Canada and then email a copy of the Form to your new Union in order that you can be cleared into that country
  5. NOTE: As soon as Rugby Canada clears you to another Union, your membership with Rugby Canada becomes inactive instantly. This makes you ineligible to play or re-register in Canada until you are cleared back to Canada from your new Union.

Rugby Canada International Clearance Form (English)

Rugby Canada International Clearance Form (French)

*Please note that we receive a considerable number of requests for clearance at the end of the Provincial domestic season.  Whilst we will do our best to process your application as quickly as possible, applicants are recommended to plan accordingly.  Rugby Canada will aim to return your clearance form within 14 business days.

If you can not find the information you are looking for or need assistance with an international clearance, please contact clearances@rugby.ca.

Major League Rugby Players

A temporary release request form must be submitted with a Rugby Canada International Player Clearance form, for outbound clearance to be granted.  Rugby Canada can not provide outbound clearance without the temporary player release form.

Personal Accident Insurance

When you leave Canada to play in another Union you will cease to be covered under the National Insurance Program.  All players planning to play rugby outside of Canada are advised to research the insurance arrangements in their new Union.  Please note in particular that the insurance coverage in some Unions may be significantly less than that provided in Canada.  In addition, in some countries, injured players will be required to pay for any medical treatment they receive.